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It's Spring!

Pop to it! Help Pandul pop balloons to explore the beauty of Spring. Bonus games to reinforce kid's learning experience about Spring!


Mouse! How to deal with that annoying creature? Listen to this fun, witty and amusing song to learn Nanny's trick. Kids will pick up a handful of “e-a-r” ending words in the lyrics!

Let's Paint Your Tale

Be a little illustrator! Draw, paint and see your illustrated story come to life! Pack of 6 stories are included!

Be Good Be Good Teddy Bear

Oh no Teddy Bear is in a bad mood! He's not eating his pear and trying to tear his shirt! Kids will have a blast learning their "e-a-r" ending words

Bumble Bee

Read, watch, listen, and play with the naughty pee wee bumble bee through the enchanting melody and games. Learning "e-e" vocabularies can't be easier!

Going to School - by angelhood

Help Rabbit picks up his pre-school mates through the puzzle games challenge! Who have Rabbits picked up on his way to school? Find out in a simple tale of Rabbit's search for friends.

Going to School - by Happy Qins

Tap into the fun of learning everyday vehicles with this connect-the dots games.